JEAN n.Cornell

Jean's Hats

What is it you do, Jean? It's a question that is both a gift and a plague of my own making. I do so many different things that it's hard to tell sometimes. At least, that's how it may seem from a distance. So let me explain...

Am I a photographer? Yes. Am I just a photographer? Oh, no way! I wear many hats...I am a mom, an advocate, a designer, and a business owner, to name a few. I take pride in my work no matter what hat I have on.

Photography is the center of almost everything I do. I have been blessed to turn my dreams into my vision and my vision into reality through photography. It is my art and work-life.

Why do I have two webpages? Simple... is an online storefront to sell my fine art photography. It is my business site...the business side of my photography. My photographs make me happy, but it thrills me when someone purchases one of my metal prints to grace their space.

This website is different. It's about me personally. It's about my different hats. It's about who I am and what I do and, more importantly, how we might collaborate.

If you have a non-profit or simply something interesting that needs to be documented with photos, I am your girl. Photography is the story you don't have to put into words.

If you are an idea person and want to collaborate with a photographer, let's talk. That's pretty wide open, I realize. You can't fit me in a box! In fact, let's get rid of the box.

Last but not least, I design spaces. Let's create a space with the balance that screams YOU. For me, it is like looking through the lens...with attention on balance, color, light, and most importantly, what speaks to you.

So let's just say I am a constant work in progress. I do what I do because I am who I am.

Now, it's time to change hats and get back to work. See you soon!