JEAN n.Cornell


Born-and-raised a Texas girl with nothing more than passion, a camera, and a dream. It all started with a used 35mm camera...a gift from my parents when I was in high school. I began to see the world through the lens...always.

I was also passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: design, being a mom, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, just to name a few. After several failed attempts at corporate jobs and a 20-year hiatus to raise two amazing kids, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength...the key to my success.

I use ALL of my passions to serve you better. Let’s just say I am practical but never ordinary. I will make you stop and stare.


  • Photography
    For as long as I can remember, the camera has been a semi-permanent appendage for me. Through instinct shooting, I carry my camera with curiosity, humor, compassion, and a desire to bring you with me.
  • Design
    It is the core of my education. I use it in framing a shot, editing, and choosing which photo to hang where.
  • Collaborator
    I firmly believe great creativity is often the result of a team effort. I am always interested in collective passion, connection, and vision which breeds the best results.
  • Artist
    It is only natural that the most satisfying aspect of photography for me is the potential it offers for creativity. I am an artist at heart and photography is an extension of that passion.
  • Perfectionist
    I grapple with every image I shoot. I have to assume that perfection must indeed be possible, and I want to wrestle it out of every shot…every photograph.


  • Photographer
    For most of my life, I have carried a camera in my hand. It has enabled me to master this craft in a way that is natural to me...unique to me.
  • Entrepreneur and Owner of JNC MetalPrints
    I sell my fine art photographs. My fresh view of our world is captured and printed on metal. These metal prints are a breathtaking, sleek, and durable way to display photographs in any setting.
  • Documentary Photographer
    A compelling way to tell a story is through photographs. Using images, I have been a storyteller for non-profits, artists, and ranchers. Contact me, and I will capture your happenings in a memorable, meaningful way.
  • Designer of Spaces
    I'm a firm believer in surrounding yourself with objects that make you smile. I help my clients choose the right photo, the right size, and the right color and create a space that inspires them. If this is your need, I'm your girl.
  • Advocate
    I have a passion for helping others. Through my photography, I have had the honor of helping promote several non-profits. I have worked with West Texas Counseling and Guidance, Veterans, Children’s Miracle Network, to name a few. If you have a cause and a need for photography, give me a call.